22 March 2010

Twenties Girl

Like The Undomestic Goddess, Can You Keep a Secret? and Remember Me?, Twenties Girl is not a Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic title...it tells the story of Lara and her great-aunt Sadie Lancaster and the search for a missing dragonfly necklace.

It's a completely daft story till about page 341 - and I wasn't all together sure whether I would ever really care enough, but then it all hots up, and things fall into place, and character become real, and emotions so raw - that by the time the big reveal plays out on page 391 I had my heart in my throat and a tear down my cheek pretty much till the end.

It's not my favourite ever Kinsella book, but keep going and you too will be thinking of your old relatives in a whole new light.

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