17 March 2010


There are models in the office. Yes models. Not hand models. Not character models. Not fetish models. Bona fide beautiful, fit, tall, gorgeous ladies and gentleman parading around the corridors of doom leading down to MR1 – normally reserved for the very dullest of long meetings, today, the location for topless Polaroid shots of the most pristine flesh you have ever seen…

There are herds I tell you. Herds of them in and out, in and out. An open casting for a running book we are doing later in the year has resulted in 2Two2 becoming like something HBO would screen – and I would pay money to see.

If you happen to be up the big smoke, and in need of a perv over some fine young men, get yourself to my office. It’s continuing for the next few hours. HOURS!! My blood pressure is already through the roof, how the fuck am I supposed to concentrate on margin spreadsheets with all this low slung jean and ripped chest business going on around me….

Oh, what a lovely day.

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