4 March 2010

As you know, I'm not a girly girl...

I fail miserably at accessorising. I don't wear perfume. I can't walk in heels. I don't go gaga over babies. Or kittens. Or puppies. I don't understand all this Twilight vampire lust hoo-haa. I don't yearn for Cath Kidston. Or Orla Kiely. I don't light candles in the bath. Or in the bedroom. I don't wear lipgloss. Or lipbalm. I don't wear lingerie, I wear pants. I can just about spell chignon, let alone know how to do one....


I have become addicted to wearing my apron whilst baking.


It's the worse looking apron you've ever seen. White cotton. Map of Cyprus. Hideous.

Any answers?

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