15 April 2009

The To-Do List is the first work of non-fiction from the great Mike Gayle, whose fiction titles (8 so far) I love.

It's basically 352 pages of Mike working his way through a phenomenal 1277 things-to-do which he wrote in his daughters little red notebook the year before he turned 36.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t love it anywhere nearly as much as I either wanted to, or thought I should. It was ok, it was, you know, funny and stuff, but it didn’t grab me in the way I hoped. I don’t really feel I learnt any more about Mike (other than the names of his close family members) than before I read it, and I didn’t get any real sense that he had learnt “stuff about life (323), love (999), friends (1004) and family (9) and finally work out what it means to be a grown up (846)”.


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