28 April 2009

So, no pressure then. A cold sore is brewing. I have the slitty red devil eye of doom in both eyes. It’s going to piss down according to the weather reports….and I still haven’t started the frigging diet. And yet according to everything I keep being told, I am getting married on Sunday. This Sunday coming. In 5 days. And people keep jumping up and down in front of me, grinning, gurning, yelling… “Oh my God, you must be sooooooo excited?” and I feel like a failure and a freak when I say “Erm, not yet, but I’m sure I will be...”

Ex-Le Grande Fromage has been interviewed (again) and you can find it here. Read it. He’s lovely.

I finished the new one coming in July from New Work’s very own Paige Toon this morning. The first third wasn’t my cup of tea at all. The middle third got me going. By the last third I was blubbing with tingles down my spine….

I am in love with Diversity . I remember being in love with George Sampson, Scala, Flava and Signature in previous years. I love Britain’s Got Talent. It’s my favourite.

That’s all for now folks.

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