4 February 2009

What Next?

It feels like it’s taken me about 12 years to finish The First Assistant which I’ve had sitting about for a fair few years anyway on the shelf in proof version. It was good, I liked it, it didn’t blow me away, but then very few books do these days.

However. I have on my bedside box the following:

The brand new book coming in April from my lovely chum Bernie – who has slipped ships from Hodder to Little, Brown and been reinvented by the lovely Jo Dickinson…. CAN NOT WAIT to start it.


Mr Mike Gayle’s To-Do-List which I believe is non-fiction, but equally fabulous…all about how Mike made a list of all his outstanding Things To Do, and then started doing them…

Together with three titles from New Work that I really really must get on with…

The first being the second title from our new chicklitty author, Jane Costello The Nearly-Weds which promises to be superdooper.

Then we’ve got the return of Cannie Shapiro in the follow up to Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. Again, v excited and salivating at the prospect…

And finally, the fourth from the lovely Debby Holt Love Affairs for Grown Ups which features a character called Cornelius Hedge. Really.

There are also proof copies of the new one’s from Collette Caddle – “Between the Sheets”, “Poor Little Bitch Girl” from Ms Collins, “The Sister Diaries” by Karen Quinn, “The Good Bride Guide” from Matt Dunn, Milly Johnson’s “A Spring Affair” and “Chasing Daisy” by Paige Toon, floating about that I wanna get my grubby little mitts on as well…

Oh decisions decisions!

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