9 February 2009

So, we have just 12 weeks left before The Big Day. That’s 84 days… 3 months, give or take….


Am so excited now. Yippee for me. And him of course.

The diet was shot to bits over the weekend, as I invited The Girls over for another evening of all things lard and carb laden on Saturday. Mango & chilli marinated prawns with a pomegranate salad to start. Lorrie’s special Italian pasta sauce. Homemade seeded bread. Raspberry and basil infused icecream. Chocolate mouse. Sticky ginger cake… all washed down with many bottles of rose.

I got to bed at 4.30am. Boo timed it perfectly and came home at 5am. So delighted we had arranged to pop over to The Mother of the Bride’s for Sunday lunch 6 hours later. Couldn’t be more tired if we had tried. And hungover of course.

This weekend we will be staying at home, in bed, doing all things Valentine-y. Ahem…

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