11 March 2008

What (not) a difference a week makes

Has been nearly 7 whole days since I last blogged. Where on earth, or indeed, what on earth I've been doing is a mystery.

To summarise. That wagon I said I had fallen off of, and climbed back onto (again) appears to have melted away below me - and I am now firmly back riding the carb donkey. (For example - Boo and I ate some 18 packets of crisps on Sunday). I can't even bring myself to go on (and on and on) about it again. So I won't. Bored doesn't even begin to cover it.

Friday last, The Girls and I went round Birthday Girl Lorrie's to sample some of her special Nana's Italian Recipe Pasta Sauce. It's amazing how she can make a few tins of tommy-artoes, some garlic, some oil and some sprigs of green stuff taste so damn good. She did us a nice salad and some garlic balls as well - and treated us to a special Lemon Torte from Waitrose. The most amazing thing of the night was though that firstly we all ate around a table for pretty much the first time ever (how grown up are we) and secondly Lady Beves had seconds. Yes, seconds. Of pasta. The world has gone crazy I tell you.

Saturday morning was assigned to The Chores. There was laundry, ironing, tidying, the never ending de-fuzzing, shopping... even a touch of cooking. Then Boo came on over, and we quickly changed into our jim-jam-jarma-pegs for some serious down-time. We didn't change out of them there PJ's till Monday morning. Bliss.

Nothing to report this week - yet - but am expecting much excitment over the next few days. New Work is holding its Annual Conference tomorrow in a cinema. I will go to sleep dreaming of popcorn and Slush Puppies tonight. New Work is then celebrating its 21st birthday with a big old fandango on Thursday night. I am imagining a cheese and pineapple hedgehog and some cake. I trust I won't be disappointed. I am then off to celebrate The Mother's 65th birthday with The Sister in Brussels. We are partaking of some Champagne Bar at St Pancras before boarding the Eurotrash, and staying in a god-damn gorgeous hotel .... I am imagining hours of chocolate choosing, buying and eating.... Oh God.

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