5 March 2008


I fell of The Rules wagon about a month ago. I know. You must be shocked and horrified, amazed and bemused at that news. Me…? Not so much really.

But today, I’ve woken up all positive and ready to commit again.


So, to remind myself as much as you – here they are again.

1. Do not buy groceries from M&S, and ensure all groceries I do buy are ones on special or on offer in some way.
2. Recycle as much of my rubbish as I can.
3. Moisturise and scrub my hands and my body (and my lips) and keep my toe and finger nails painted and looking fabulous.
4. Take packed lunches to work as much as possible, and drink at least two big bottles of squash a day (instead of diet coke) and limit the coffee to three mugs a day.
5. Do a 15 minute brisk walk every day.
6. Always eat my dinner at the table and use my food diary to log my daily calorie intake, which should total 2000 a day max.
7. Save £200 into the Wedding Fund a month, and go out with Boo once a month….

See, not hard. Not particularly complicated or difficult. And yet – seemingly impossible to stick to.

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