25 March 2008

Not so much.

Last Thursday was The Mother of the Brides birthday so I took her for an early bird special at Clos Maggorie and then onto the Coliseum to see the most hotly anticipated dance event of the Season. Back in August 1999 I was privileged enough to see the Stars of the New York Ballet at the RFH, but the entire New York Ballet hasn’t appeared in London for some 25 years. So you can imagine how excited I was to get a couple of seats for Programme 3 which promised to be spectacular…

Was it the best darn thing I ever did see?

Not so much to be honest. I had kind of forgotten that the NYB dance Balanchine…and I’d forgotten that I’m not really that keen on that sort of defined, robotic movement… Don’t get me wrong some of it was amazing, and it’s so incredibly precise and quick that some of it did take my breath away. But am I sorry that I only caught the one performance? Not so much to be honest.

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