23 November 2007

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome, in cabaret, au cabaret, to cabaret!

Off to The Theatre last night to celebrate Natalia's 30 blah birthday.

We started off with the trendy version of the Early Bird Special at Sugar Reef - for some Happy Hour Mojito's and Rose, together with a two course for £16 menu of good tempura battered tiger prawn starter and a first class crab, cucumber, red pepper, mango and coriander salad main.

Dinner done off to see Cabaret with Amy Nuttal. Yes, Amy Nuttal - Chloe from Emmerdale, who can actually sing and dance and act and look sexy all at the same time...

I vaguely remembered seeing the film Cabaret on the telly with Liza Minnelli. I remember stockings and bowler hats and a smoky nightclub.

I don't remember naked bottoms, penises, serious coke habits and prostitutes. Ah the innocence of youth!

Anyhow for those that don't know the story, roughly it goes like this - bisexual American novelist Clifford Bradshaw turns up in Berlin on New Years Eve in the 1930s and meets dodgy Ernst Ludwig. Ludwig recommends both some lodgings for Cliff to stay in and invites him to the Kit Kat Club, where he meets singer/dancer/hooker Sally Bowles. Sally then gets sacked from the club, turns up at Cliff's hotel (run by Fraulein Schneider) and begs to stay. They party for a while having a great time and it then goes horribly wrong. And I found it all a little overwhelming. The incredibly funny, camp and sinister Emcee manipulates the audience to such an extent that it's not until "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" that I remembered this is about the Nazis; but then the entire second half left me in no doubt of this musicals political message. Cliff's saxophone-playing male lover is beated up and taken away by the Nazis. Fraulein Schneider is told to reject her Jewish fiance by Ludwig and the exotic and sexy Kit Kat dancers turn into a huddle of naked figures in a concentration camp.

Thank god you're allowed drinks into the theatre... the healing and soothing power of Pimm's is not to be underestimated.

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