9 November 2007

Spa Wars

I loved Marrying for Money, the last Chris Manby title I read before Spa Wars which is coming in Hardback next February. I gave it 4 out of 5 in the review I posted on the waterstones.com website. I think I'll give Spa Wars a 3 (and a half). In film terms, the first 45 mins is great - but the last 15 feels rushed and you're left feeling a bit cheated as the credits roll. Spa Wars is a brilliant idea - girl opens her own beauty salon and potters along for a bit. Z list celeb at the height of her 15 minutes of fame visits said Salon to get her nail fixed one night and girl's life and business gets turned around. Then a series of unfortunate events spell doom for everyone - and everyone learns a bunch of lessons about "what goes around comes around". Etc etc etc. As is usual with a Chris Manby book - there are some really funny scenes and some very well crafted characters (and maybe it's just me and maybe I'm wrong), but I thought the ending could have done with a chapter or two more....

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