25 January 2011

What Have I Been Doing?

I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing…

I did my civic duty (under duress I may add) and sat on Jury Service for the first time. Now, in the interest of my own private security I’m not going to reveal the case I was on on my second week – but suffice to say, the national press have reported on the case in great detail, and yes, the defendant was as guilty as a guilty person can be, wearing a guilty hat and coat, sitting in the guilty chair, drinking a cup of guilty coffee and reading a guilty book.

I finished that brilliant manuscript we are publishing late this year. The title hasn’t been decided as yet, but it’s an absolute joy, very romantic, very nostalgic, very heart-warming – and Ali Harris (the author) is going to be huge.
Me and Him were invited for a rather scrumptious lunch date with Bernie S (and her people) and Lou C (and hers)and I managed to rope both of them into doing the Shine midnight marathon walk with me… bless 'em. Please sponsor me at the Just Giving site, if you can spare a few quid, and think about all three of us come October this year, eating cakes and drinking cocktails whilst tottering around the O2!

I took The Mother to see the Matthew Bourne version of Cinderella again, and as ever, he didn’t disappoint. It’s a slightly different version to the one I first saw in 1997 (ish), but it was great, as are all the Adventures.

And finally, The Girls had a great night at Paramount to celebrate Mel's birthday. £330 bar bill worth of great night. Ah, the Roseberry Fizz champagne cocktails. Much better on the way down than the way up, according to Lorrie!

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Bernie Strachan said...

So. You've been back to the Paramount, ogled some ballet boys and been part of the jury on THAT case. You need a nice lie down, lady. Thanks for the mention!