1 July 2008

Summer Holiday

We had a week off last week, me and Boo. We did nothing. Almost literally. We didn’t make it to the seaside for a couple of days. We didn’t make it onto the London Eye for the day. We didn’t even go to the cinema or out for a meal.

It was lovely.

We did lots of sitting around. Lots of lounging around. Lots of sofa curling up on action.

He also moved all his bits and bobs into the flat. He is officially living with me. We are living together. Co-habiting.

Lord help us!

I did some Summer Reading action as well. Not a lot, cause it’s rude to ignore your new flat-mate for hours at a time (apparently), but I did finish I Did a Bad Thing which I started the week before – and polished off Something Blue which has been sitting around since 2005 waiting to be read; Lucy in the Sky which I should have read well over a year ago; and Look the World in the Eye another three year old book, which I am ashamed to say I told someone the other day I had read, when I blatantly hadn’t.

All four were good value for money. But if I was in a 3 for 2 situation I would have probably put I Did a Bad Thing back on the table. It just didn’t feel right somehow… the bad thing wasn’t really bad, it was a sad thing, and upsetting thing, a selfish thing maybe. But bad made it sound childish or naughty in a fun way – and it wasn’t fun. Only my opinion I know, and obviously many people will thing I’m as wrong as wrong can be – but, sod off, it’s my blog.

Look the World in the Eye was lovely. All about sisters, family connections, love and laughter. A sensitive subject written without an overwhelming helping of sugar – it was really enjoyable, up until about the last 10 pages or so. I knew what was going to happen; the author knew I knew what was going to happen. Hell, you haven’t read it and yet you probably know what’s going to happen – and when it did happen I was like “yeh, yeh, whatever”. Disappointing, but it didn’t spoil the rest for me thank God.

Lucy in the Sky was grand. Pure chick lit on an epic scale from the lady who reviews books for Heat magazine; published by New Work. I can’t wait to get stuck into Johnny Be Good (her next one), cause I loved this.

I really didn’t think I’d like Something Blue as much as I did. Very American, god awful leading lady (Darcy), and a story about a lady being up the duff. However, it was actually great fun, and I skim read it in an afternoon. I still didn’t like Darcy at the end, but I was happy with how things turned out for her…

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