2 July 2008

Miss the Face?

I’ve taken myself off Facebook. I just can’t bear it any longer. The poking. The chucking stuff. The messaging… It’s exhausting. And a little bit boring. A few of my real life friends are on facebook. But just as many aren’t. The one’s that are, I see and speak to in real life much more than I do via facebook. The one’s that aren’t on it, I see no more or less of than I would if they were. But I am regularly messaged and poked by people I once worked with 10 years ago that I haven’t seen since. Or went to school with 22 years ago… and haven’t seen since. Or fell out with many moons ago – and have been avoiding ever since….

I will miss my trivia quiz application for friends though….

And perhaps I will miss the random surfing and snooping when bored.

I deactivated yesterday. It says I can reactivate at any time.

How long do you reckon before I miss being tagged in a photo when drunk, shiny and cross eyed?

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