2 October 2007

Too late will be the cry when the man with the houses walks on by.

Boo and I are planning on buying a home together before we get married. Our options are:

1 - Buy a one bed flat (shed) on the open market in either a god forsaken Inner City hovel, or the middle of fucking nowhere.

2 - Buy a property through one of the various Housing Association / Government Initiative schemes that are running. You basically have to be either some sort of local hero or “key worker”, prove that you are skint (no problem there), fill in a million different forms and then sit and wait for one of the major house builders to build a block of nasty box flats in an area where you are eligible to apply….

Boo will not be swayed by my third option of getting a transfer from the studio I currently rent from a Housing Association to a one bedroom flat. This would be, I have stressed, my back up plan not my first choice. But he will not hear of it. He says renting is for fools, losers and not for a young couple such as us.

I say – fuck all that – I refuse to start our married life living apart.

I have tried to explain that having worked for nearly 10 years in Estate Agency (option 1) and 3 years in Social Housing (option 2) I know just how difficult it can be to buy a property – and that having a back up plan is wise.

We are officially arguing.


Tim West and Simon Key said...

me and my girlfriend have just bought a flat together. It's small and it's not perfect, but it's ours, and that's the important thing. Option 1 seems like the most appealing option if I was you. You can buy, and then in a year or 2 you can move to somewhere nearer your ideal. You gotta start somewhere. Good luck with it.

Suzie said...

I agree - buy tiny then upgrade!