20 August 2007

I'm so excited.

Boo is going to make an honest women of me. How very very bizarre. Someone - and not just anyone - but the Love of My Life, actually wants to marry me. And have me as their wife. How very very bizarre.

We got engaged (officially I suppose) at the weekend. Although we had spoken about it a while ago, and he asked me, properly, at our picnic the other weekend in Windsor - and trust me, keeping it a secret has almost killed me. But no, he wanted to wait till we had The Ring and had told The Mums, before I was allowed to stand in the middle of the street and scream at the top of my voice...

So I've sent a completely impersonal e-mail to everyone I've ever met, and updated my facebook status to Engaged. And I had a Double Decker, two portions of Tarte Au Citron and a big bag of Skittles to celebrate.

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herschelian said...

Wow, what wonderful news, many congratulations to you both. I think Skittles and Tarte Au Citron are a good choice of celebratory treats.
I have been a lurking reader of your blog for ages. Firstly because I love books and reading, and secondly because I too need to loose a lot of weight, though I should properly be described as a Fat Grumpy Old Woman on the Run. Have to loose at least half of the excess weight before Feb next year.