9 August 2010

Chris Dagley - 23rd June 1971-28th July 2010

My Uncle B sent me some post which arrived today. It contained a note, and a couple of local newspaper clippings, relating to the tragic recent death of Chris Dagley, a drummer who Uncle B, my Dad and I used to watch and listen to many years ago when he played with NYJO.

Chris was an amazing musician, with a rare talent - a grin that could light up a room and passion for jazz that completely blew my mind.

I spend many happy Sundays with a bag of nuts and a diet coke at Ruislip Jazz Club, with Dad on one side, nodding his head and tapping his feet and Uncle B on the other supping a beer and reading the papers listening to the belting solo's performed by Chris and a flutist called Lisa, who used to break my heart with her rendition of Somewhere...

I didn't know Chris personally, but my thoughts are with his friends and family.

Here is a quick link to a Chris solo ...enjoy.

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