11 June 2010

Decisons Decisions

HELP! I am in a quandary. A flap. A pickle if you will. This weekend we have the following:

1. Housework (laundry, ironing, dusting, changing the bed, things to do with floors, things to do with scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens till small children could eat off every surface should they choose to)

2. Shopping (food and household bits and bobs - not I hasten to point out for shoes, gems, bags, or cupcakes)

3. Exercise (11am Body Zone. Yep)

4. Football (have Switzerland in the sweepstake. Yes, that was SWITZERLAND)

5. Or, fuck all that off, and tuck into a proof copy of the exciting new book by my mate Bernie coming to a book shop near you in October this year.

That’s that decision easily made then.

Summer Reading here we come!!!

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