21 May 2009

What a ToDo

So yes, as you may have noticed, I was officially pronounced Mrs Boo on 3rd May as arranged. Everything went according to the Master Plan, with the added bonus of me blubbing like a baby throughout the official bits.

Nothing has changed since. And yet, everything has changed. Those of you who have equally strolled down an aisle will know what I mean. We had a brilliant time, everyone else - all 7 of them - have reported back that they did too.

We then jumped on a plane and 2 hours later, give or take, were sipping champagne on the balcony of Room 309 at the Hotel Milano in Maderno, Lake Garda - admiring this amazing view...

Seven days and seven nights of honeymooning bliss.

So now we are back to reality,back to a huge pile of laundry and back to Work....

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