24 October 2008

Still Alice?

I finished it last night on the tube on the way home from work. I had read some on the way into work, until a complete stranger kindly and very gently touched my shoulder and asked whether I was ok; the tears were free flowing down my face….

Honestly, I just can’t tell you how much it’s moved me. And I really really don’t know enough good words to explain how wonderful it is. My friend Gabrielle (who I will send a copy to) will be able to help me with the words… she’s very good at that.

I meanwhile, am very good at crying and calling my Mum to see how she is and to check she is ok and not forgetting anything…


Lisa Genova said...

Thanks for reading Still Alice! It's a strange thing to feel happy that you made someone cry! In real life, I'd never want to do this to anyone, but with my book, well...I like to think these are good tears.

Thanks and All Best,

Anonymous said...

Hello you - I read Still Alice a few months back, it's very good isn't it? It made me cry too. Have S&S acquired it then?

Suzie x

Anonymous said...

oh, should have read your posts chronologically - of course you've acquired it :-)


Anonymous said...

I've never noticed anything lacking in your wordage but I'll give it a go. My maternal grandfather had dementia so I'll probably blub throughout as well.