8 August 2008

Who knew....

that this was at the bottom of my road?

I will go on another adventure this weekend and see what else I can see...

On a separate note, not last night but the night before I got drunk. I don't mean tipsy, or squiffy or a little bit collapso. I mean inappropriate, uncoordinated, picking-a-fight-on-the-way-home drunk.

Oh it was lovely.

Gerry is back from the US for a couple of weeks to celebrate her fauxforty birthday - she last came over last year, or was it the year before, and those of us in the old Big W gang got together down an alley for some drinks.

This time a select few got together by the river for some drinks and some chips.

We also saw Harry Hill, Will Young and M'Bayo's new girlfriend who is the most biggest hottie I've seen for years. Honest to goodness, hottie hot hot. So hot that I think I blushed and giggled when she spoke to me. Yep, SHE SPOKE TO ME. I think I love her a little...

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