10 December 2007


In May next year "New Work" is publishing this funny debut novel by Jane Costello. I bet you can't guess the genre?!

The central character is Evie who suffers with a very strong commitment phobia - her longest relationship has lasted about half a nanosecond - until she meets hunky fellow Jack at the first of four weddings that feature in the book.

I know I really liked this cause it took me just 3 sittings to finish it over the course of a rather hectic week that involved two classes at the gym, a long overdue coffee date with a friend, The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, a new housing development viewing with Boo, and a slow meander down The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells with The Most Beautiful Niece in the World.

A few of the characters in the book are just a touch too shallow and vacant to make them likeable for me – and I thought a couple of them could have been given stronger storylines in their own right – but the writing is very good and it is genuinely funny.

I’m really looking forward to helping push this one...so if you are a chick lit lover too and would like an early sneak preview – let me know!

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