21 May 2007

When on earth?

am I going to get time to reply and post on this thing then... when do most people find the time?

In between the 4 loads of laundry I'm now doing every week to take into account the three outfits I now wear each and every day of the working week (gym kit number 1 for the 6.45am class, work clothes, gym kit number 2 for the 7pm class) plus pj's, bed linen, miscellaneous items than need washing....????

Before or after the almost daily trips to the supermarket to buy the overpriced fruit and veg that has now replaced the cheap-as-chips crap I used to eat and buy in bulk once a month from Iceland that would last and last and last.....????

To fill in the gaps and take my mind off the fact that I'm still not smoking.....????

Or in between trying to get to see my mum, my sister/brother-in-law and niece, bestmates, ex-work mates, other random mates, boyf.....????

Or, heaven forbid, in the 22 mins I get to myself each day after I've got home at 9pm, unpacked my gym rucksack, re-packed it for the next day, prepared something healthy and filling for lunch for the next day in an attempt to keep myself out of Greggs and save some money, had a bath, slathered on some Holiday Skin in an attempt to reduce the exhausted see-through look I'm getting, made or received a phone call from Boo, did a chore (see laundry above), prepared and ate something healthy and filling for dinner .... and then got to bed at a reasonable hour that enables me to get about 4 hours sleep before I get up at 5am the next day to start the whole damn thing again....????

I mean, I ask you, when on earth do people get the time to do this????

Answers on a post below would really really make this almost worth while!!!

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